2015年全国各地研究生考試于12月19日刚开始,考试当日的政冶和英语试题考试真题竞相被网民争辩。2015年全国各地研究生考試英语真题的大作文(正版)主题风格为《手机时代的聚餐》,下列为英文诸多优秀作文內容:Directions:write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following picture.In you,you should1)desecribe the picture briefly,2)interpret its intended meaning,and3)give your comments.You should write neatly on the ANSWER SHEET。(20 points)2015研究生考试英语真题诸多作文题目【参考范例】We may see the same scene everywhere in the life: in subway, restaurants, elevators, roads, people are watching their mobile phones. From family reunion to date with a friend, people couldn’t stop checking their twitter, WeChat, facebook on the mobile phone and snubbing the persons in front completely. Phubbing trends not only to involve the young people, but also the elderly and kids.日常生活一切地址都是会经常会出现那样的情景:不论是在地铁站、饭店、电梯轿厢還是道上,大家都低头瞩目着自身的手机上。从朋友聚餐到盆友欢聚,大家时时刻刻都会创出推特、手机微信、twiter,基本上轻视身边的人。

低头症不但蔓延到了年青人,乃至是蔓延到男女老少。”Phubbing” is a newly coined term which comes from the words “phone” and “snub”. It describes the habit of snubbing someone in favor of a mobile phone. The word “phubbing” was included in the Australian National Dictionary in 2012. Apparently, the indifference and rudeness of the information age are spreading globally. A Stop Phubbing campaign site has been launched. You can find the slogan of the website as follows: “stop twittering, stop posting photos…enjoy your food, enjoy the music and respect your campaign.”“phubbing”是一个新造词,来源于“phone”和“snub”。它描述的是大家只为低头玩游戏手机而经常忽略身边的人。词在二0一二年被编为了更好地加拿大我国词典。


”Phubbing appears innocuous; however, it does disturb our life. An epicure wrote in his blog:”I can no longer focus on what I am eating since I started twittering. My skill of food photography has improved very fast, while my interest in food drops correspondingly.”低头症无关紧要;殊不知,它却危害了我们的日常生活。一个奢靡之风者在他的blog上提到:“自打我刚开始用推特后,就再也不会只为品味特色美食了。我食物拍摄方法飞速发展,而对食物的兴趣爱好却渐渐地升高。


”Let us put down the cell phone and re-savor the real taste of food and the warmth of interpersonal communication.大家不到拿出手机上新的感受食物的美味可口,并觉得沟通交流的温暖時刻呢?廷伸阅读者:2015考研真题及答案:2015研究生考试试题及答案分析2015研究生成绩何时出去?。